guys in police uniforms are really hot dang

being fat and tall is weird because not only are you either same height or taller than boys you’re also bigger like a lot of boys i know i could easily beat the shit out of

a cute guy smiled at me why is he doing that



i want a boy who has one of those 90s bob hair cuts


My Bloody Valentine (London, 1990)

You are really beautiful and I'm in love with your hair. I hope that's ok.


thank you you’re v sweet!!

all i want to do is go to bed and stay there forever


My Bloody Valentine (London, 1990)

Trapped Under Ice (by Georgia Sassenfeld)
I’m such a weird looking chick.

there’s a girl in front of me who is putting on mascara on the bus

how is she not stabbing herself in the eye????????

papi pacify is such a good song!!!! and the video is super amazing!!!!